As we look to lessen summer learning loss, we are going to have sources such as I-Ready available for summer learning.  We are looking to make some student devices available for summer learning.

Please fill out the form below by May 23rd to let us know if you would like your child to use their school issued iPad at home for the summer.

If you are unable to fill out this form and need assistance, please call our main line at 304-824-3033.

Please fill out a new form for each child if there are multiple.

Your student will still be required to check in their device at their school as we have done previously. If you have filled out this form, your child will be given a permission form to bring home for a parent/guardian to sign and return to the school. Once the permission form has been returned, students will then be able to bring home their iPad for educational use during summer break on the last day of school.