Midway Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Amanda Howell

2023-24 Midway Elementary Nomination for Lincoln County Schools Teacher of the Year.

Amanda Howell is in her fourteenth-year teaching at Midway Elementary School in Alum Creek, West Virginia. She taught second grade for thirteen years and is on her first year teaching reading, science and social studies in third grade. Mrs. Howell attended Marshall University and earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2010 for Elementary Education, Master's in Special Education with an emphasis in Autism in 2015, and Principal's Certificate in 2018. She holds a Master Mentor Certificate and guides future educators within her school. She is also a teacher leader involved in many school initiatives contributing to the improvement of school culture and valued for her successful teaching practices.

As a veteran teacher, she implements rigorous and engaging teaching strategies to meet the needs of her students. Activities are structured with differentiation to reach every learning modality. Mrs. Howell encourages student collaboration, exploration and the integration of technology across the curriculum. Her goal as an educator is to make the path to life-long success available, desirable, and attainable for every student.